Something so Trivial, by Fausto Alzati Fernandez (Literalia, 2019)

Operation on a Malignant Body, by Sergio Loo (The Operating System, 2019)

Stories, Essays, and Poems

"Personal Jesus," by Fausto Alzati Fernández - Asymptote (July 2019)

“Left Lung” and “Trapezium,” by Sergio Loo – Iron Horse 21.2 (2019): 30-33

Nasal," "Right Triceps Brachii," and "Tarsal," by Sergio Loo - Denver Quarterly 15.3 (2019)

"We Even Look Like Family," by Jonathan Minila - Moon City Review (2019)

"Plays Don't Cry," by Jonathan Minila - Newfound (2019)

"The Attack of the Living Chairs," by Jonathan Minila - Asymptote Blog (January 15, 2019)

"The Hand," by Jonathan Minila - The Chatahoochee Review (Fall 2018 /Winter 2019)

"Caballitos Crash Headfirst into Walls," by Sergio Loo - Kenyon Review Online (Sept/Oct. 2018)

"Noses," by Jonathan Minila - The Turnip Truck(s) (4.1, 2018)

"Occipital," "Temporal," and "Spinal Region," by Sergio Loo - Waxwing (2018)